Recruitment for climate tech pioneers

Attract the talent you need to build a better future

We facilitate the growth of pioneering companies who are solving the climate crisis.

Our mission

We help you attract the brightest and best talent

We work in partnership with you, and by shaping your employer brand and giving you access to our networks and communities, we enable you to attract the talent you deserve.

As a positive impact business, here at Rio we saw Cherry as the ideal partner to help us quickly expand our UK-based development team.

Brian Flynn, Chief Technology Officer at Rio

We couldn’t be happier with the level of service we received from Above and Beyond Recruitment and would highly recommend them to any company looking to hire top talent in the green tech industry. Their expertise and dedication made the entire process seamless and stress-free. Thank you for your outstanding work!

Karolina Younger, Chief Product Officer at Jumptech

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What we do

Helping you in your mission to build a better future

We help you build happy, productive and mission-aligned teams by finding you people who not only love what they do, but love why they do it.


Whether you’re looking to make one key hire into your leadership team, or build out a whole team of Product or Engineering specialists we can support you.


As your business grows, it can be important to bring in part-time, fractional or short-term specialists to help you on your journey. We can help you source and onboard industry specialists quickly and efficiently.


Whether you want us to form part of your Board of Advisors or whether you want us to offer consultancy services on an ad-hoc basis - we are here to help you build, define and execute your talent and employer brand strategy as you grow.

Our values

What makes us unique

If, like us, you prioritise partnering with companies that share your values. Here's a list of what we think makes us special.

Create positive impact

Our drive towards a more sustainable future is always at the forefront of our minds. It dictates every choice we make, from who we work with and how we support them, to the staff we hire and how we run our business.

Put people first

We believe it’s through empowering people, building communities, and fostering collaboration that we will find the solutions to tackle the climate crisis.

Never stop learning

Our clients work at the forefront of innovation, in a landscape that’s always changing. That means we need endless curiosity, interest, and drive to ensure we remain experts who can support them.

Listen first

We don’t let our experience make us lazy. Every business and every candidate has a unique set of needs and wants, so we listen first and advise second.

Go Above & Beyond

What’s in a name? Well, for us, quite a lot. Exceeding client expectations is where we get our thrills. That means every day we do a little bit extra, go a little bit further, because that’s what makes us special.